What should I bring when getting new headshots?

How to prepare?

Consider the range of characters you would best be cast as.

The best way to stand out to casting director is to look like the role they are trying to fill. 

What clothes to bring?

For headshots you should always try to stick with solid colors. Try to avoid prints, patterns, or ruffles. You want to keep the focus on your face with an outfit that compliments a character type. Don't just bring a few of the same shirt in different colors.

Not sure what type of character you should target?

Ask your agent. Agents can usually tell you what types of roles would work for you.

If you still don't have a great idea for what characters your looks work with, watch TV shows (with commercials) and movies for actors and actresses who have similar looks to yours. Observe what they wear and see if you can hone in on that look. 

Also consider your age range. If you look like you could be in college you probably wouldn't have much use of a picture of yourself in a business suit. 

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